Dr. Katrin Hawickhorst Rechtsanwältin II Strafverteidigerin


Emergency number for penal cases: 0176 - 99397410


I am a defense lawyer out of conviction. My task is to protect my clients´ rights and interests against government infringements and penalties. Based on a presumption of innocence, I advise and represent my clients during all stages of criminal proceedings. Of particular importance to me is a reliable and trustful interaction with my clients and a clear focus on their interests.

A second emphasis of my work lies in the field of social law. Here individuals often find themselves confronted with an authority that is considered almighty. Experience shows however, that authorities can make mistakes. Against this background, I enforce my clients´ claims in and out of court to receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

In these matters I provide legal advice in the English language for foreigners that are confronted with the German Authorities. If a specific problem might concern the legal status of a client I cooperate with my colleague Felix Isensee, who is specialized in German immigration law.

Please contact my office to arrange an appointment. In our first personal meeting I will inform you about my anticipated efforts and the resulting costs. In case of house searches, arrests or similar emergencies (and only then!) call our office mobile phone on 0176 – 99397410. Here you can also reach myself or a colleague after business hours. The answering machine is checked regularly.

RAin Dr. Katrin Hawickhorst

Carsten-Rehder-Str. 29
22767 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 – 284 72 24-9

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